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Let's chop it up!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Welcome to my blog,

I'm Gierla Camille, pronounced (Girl la Ka mill). You may also know me by a few nicknames. Most of those that know me prior to my military life call me Lala, and those after call me DJ. Welcome to my blog where you'll be chopping it up with me and along the way some of my favorite peeps.

Saying I come from a huge family would be an understatement. Let's just say for now to help you paint the picture a little, my grandmother had 9 kids, whom all have kids, that are now having kids, which makes my cousin count in the hundreds. I have 10 siblings, who have kids, whom are also having kids, putting my current nieces and nephew count around 42 and counting. See huge...

Born to immigrant parents from Haiti, I'm deeply rooted in everything Caribbean. Although I was born and raised in America, learning about the Haitian culture was so important to my parents. As a child so much of it was annoying and painful and I vowed to get as far away from anything that remotely looked like it as an adult...

My amazing parents Ayi and Rico.

I even vowed to never date a Haitian but here I am, married to a man from Haiti, finishing up my first Haitian cookbook and finding myself teaching some of the same lessons to my beautiful daughter. I must admit that now as an adult, watching my parents struggle as a child has definitely been my biggest motivator in life. Although they have both passed away in the past few years, their values and lessons remain and have proved to be so pivotal in my success as an adult. I've learned that through this journey of grief, talking about them, embracing my vulnerabilities and cooking has been the most therapeutic process for me to truly find me and my purpose in life.

The love of my life

Princess Z and I

Join me as I share their story, my story, my thoughts, recipes, travel adventures, and what it's like chopping it up with me, Gierla!

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